About Holiday Mode

At Holidaymode.eu we sell different dresses for women, organic clothing and bamboo socks for both men and women - fun and colorful design.

You can expect fast delivery, because all goods are in stock in Denmark. Holiday Mode is a Danish web shop where you can shop safely, because you are protected by the Danish "E-Maerket" and the European "Trust Ecommerce Europe"


Holiday Mode began as a physical store by the name Holiday Modesaloner, in the Danish city Aarhus, and connected the webshop Holidaymode.dk to the store. Meanwhile the physical store has turned into a showroom south of Aarhus, which is only occasionally open - sign up for the INVITATIONS LIST if you want to know when.

The webshop Holidaymode.dk, on the other hand, is open and is online 24-7, and offers a 30-day return policy, so you have plenty of time to try your clothes at home. You get free shipping to parcel shop on orders of DKK 499.

Holidaymode.dk has gradually spread over a number of different products, but is always looking for the unique, different, edgy or fun. We do not think that everyone should wear the same clothes, or all run after the well-known brands. We like; good fit and good design, good quality, sustainability, organic and being environmentally friendly.

Fun and different dresses

At Holidaymode.dk you will find a lot of different dresses for women. Sustainable jersey dresses from Danish Dot & Doodle's, who just make fun and different jersey patterned dresses in a limited number. The dresses are available in different cuts and in a lot of patterns, for example with dots, flowers or with other patterns - and of course they also make solid colored dresses, if you prefer a red dress or a black dress.

Bamboo Socks

For the dresses you can get delicious bamboo tights in black, red and other colors. Bamboo clothing and socks are super healthy for you and good for the environment. That's why we also have a large selection of bamboo socks for both men and women. Here you can choose whether you like the discreet black bamboo socks or if you are up for the crazy fun patterned bamboo socks - both for men and for women. You can read more about bamboo and bamboo socks here.

Bamboo clothing

Bamboo is also used for clothing and you will find the lovely soft base T-shirts and jersey blouses from the organic brand Thought (former Braintree). Use them every day for work and pleasure, or with the soft bamboo leggings for easier workouts, like yoga or pilates.


At Holidaymode.dk there is a huge selection of accessories, such as leather belts, mobile bags and purses - here you will find different designs and not necessarily the most famous brands, but good quality at good prices. Tim & Simonsen, Windfeld and Cozy Style make belts and mobile bags. See the fun jewelry from K Form by Tommy Karlsson, colorful and intricately different jewelry designs, also found at MoMA, Museum of Mordern Art, in New York and Tokyo. Scarves are available in stripes with fun patterns that go well with the other different, colorful and fun designs.

Organic menswear

For men, we love the organic shirts of hemp and organic cotton, and when we stumple upon it, we also carry bamboo underwear for men. Primarily, however, it is the lovely bamboo socks for men we are known for, and have faithful customers who shop again and again. Bamboo socks are highly addictive and have a lot of good properties for the feet. Once you have tryed, you just go for bamboo socks instead of cotton.

Tom Joule and Joules

Now, it is true that we put design over branded products. I.e. that we are not selling a brand because it is known or expensive, but because it has something extraordinary to offer in terms of design or price. One of the latest well-known brands we have been hearing about is the English lifestyle brand Joules. The designer Tom Joule stands for the colorful and happy, which we think makes a difference. See the beautiful rain collections, with rubber boots, rain jackets, raincoats and umbrellas with cute hand-drawn dogs as a pattern.

Dot & Doodle's, Thought, and Tranquillo

Dot & Doodle's we already mentioned that we love the different dresses with great designs, and also Thought who is organic and sustainable .. Take a look at another organic brand, Tranquillo from Germany, organic cotton and comfortable styles are their keywords.

Interior and gifts for the home and for the gift.

Disaster Design (yes, thats their name!) makes scarves and wonderful home interiors; cups, jugs, pillows, lampshades etc. in fun and different designs. A new interior brand just landed at Holidaymode.dk is Swedish designer Ruth Vetter, who designs Christmas things for Nääsgränsgården - porcelain cups, bowls for candles or candies, candle lanterns and gnomes. Treat yourself or buy a small gift for someone you love.


If you have any questions or good ideas you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us. Tel. +45 - 60 70 70 16. We have the phone open on weekdays from 7 am. 10-14. If we are busy you can leave a message and we will return to you within 24 hours on weekdays. We also reply to e-mails within 24 hours on weekdays, hello@holidaymode.eu.